Monday, 22 June 2015

Along the Road to Gundagai ....

Recently I took a solo road trip to Sydney to attend my lovely sister's 40th birthday which was definitely an event not to be missed! With great excitement and anticipation I took off with a coffee in hand, play list loaded and with the mantra that I would enjoy the journey and if the opportunity presented "choose my own adventure". So in line with this I found myself buying apples in Gundagai, enjoying sensational home cooked food at the Merino Café in Gunning and then attending the weekend markets and admiring the street art in Goulburn.

I felt truly blessed to have these precious moments to myself which as a mummy of two kidlets are few and far between. So if you ever fine yourself on the long road to Sydney do yourself a favour and visit the small towns off the highway instead of simply counting down the km to the destination.

P.S The gluten free cakes at the Merino Café are divine!

X Grace

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