Tuesday, 31 March 2015

What started as a humble vegetable garden......

Those who have been with me since the beginning will remember in my first post  that one of my many aspirations for 2015 was to breathe new life into the concrete sleeper that have lay lifeless in our backyard for the past year and get cracking on the vegetable garden.

I am fortunate to have a very handy husband. In a previous life he must have been on a construction site or a master builder because he seems to be at his best when he has a project on the go and a hammer or shovel in his hand. I recently encouraged him to start thinking about a new project that he would like to work on since he had successfully reroofed the shed and had started looking alittle lost without a new project on the horizon.

To my delight one afternoon after returning home from work I found Adam and his apprentice Adella measuring and digging holes in preparation to commence the mammoth task of building our  vegetable garden. My husband Adam never does anything in halves so what started as a humble vegetable garden has turned into a structure that will outlast us both!

A new daily highlight for me is returning home from work and checking on the progress.......

x Grace



Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Letter to Other Working Mothers

Mother's guilt is real. Nearly all of us experience it. We are racked with guilt, feeling that our best isn't good enough. We struggle with necessary choices such as returning to work, and how this will impact on our children's happiness. We mum's feel guilty when we can't afford something for our kids or are nagged by the feeling that we don't spend enough time with them, or when we do we are not 'present' enough.

I believe that all mums, even the most amazing, attentive and committed mums, feel at some point that they are not good enough. Why is this?

Recently in our house there has been a bit of a role reversal and I have returned to near full time work. Even though this decision was made in the best interests of the family unit and to create the best life for my children, I would be lying if I said I don't continually have to work through feels of guilt. Mother's guilt frequently visits me as I prepare my two children for their days at child care. Have I prepared them enough? What happens if they get sick? What happens if I am not there to comfort them when they feel sad?

Mother's guilt isn't going anywhere and we all will be stricken with it at some time or another. But after a month in our new family 'norm' I have discovered some home truths;

- As long as a child feels loved and secure they will be ok
- Daddy can also do hair and is very capable at singing group, swimming and art class
- If the carpet does not get vacuumed and the floors don't get mopped in a week the world will not end
- Be present in the moment, do what makes your children happy (even if that means re-enacting 'let is go' from the movie Frozen 100 times) and look for opportunities to make memories with them. Quality time far outweighs quantity
- You are enough

Mother's guilt is only natural and is the consequence of wanting to be a good mother to your children. However, in the end it will only weigh you down. It is time as mothers that we are kinder to ourselves and to each other and realise that we do our best in the circumstances that we find ourselves in and this is in fact enough.

So here is my letter to working mothers

Dear Working Mother,

You are doing a great job. And your kids will turn out just fine. Try to give yourself a break.


Grace xx

  (Evening of girl time at the pool)